Week 13 Made Me Do Some Scooby-Doo Stuff

I hadn’t expected myself to become this invested in a made up group. But here we are. I suppose I’ve always been that way. I liked relating the story to my other chatacters and to real life people like Professors Groom and Whalen. I really liked this assignment.


The Night Driver

The critically acclaimed, oscar winning story can be found here. Did you like the end?

Twitter Updates

My twitter updates can be found here under #nightdriver


Supplemental Media 

I think I actually did more than three supplemental medias but hey, you can’t stop this creative bus.


A Message in the Dark

The Night Driver: The Road/The Tunnels (as told through audio)

The Winter Association: Lookalikes (had a tad too much fun)

And my various pictures scattered throughout the story


I do believe that is it. And now I must away for homework must be done.



  1 comment for “Week 13 Made Me Do Some Scooby-Doo Stuff

  1. Gyeore Lee
    April 19, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Nice use of gif. I love those! Haha. I cannot believe it second to last weekly summary.. Time goes fast!

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