Week 12 Was Strangely Ok

I created the agency, The Winter Association whose main purpose is to bring the world towards Utopia by removing all the people who hold darker intentions from existence. Harsh, I know. They’ve taken on the case of The Night Driver.


Primary Media:

I’m using the Winter Association’s main website to illustrate their progress in The Night Driver case. It can be found here.


Secondary Media:

I actually don’t know which to do. I’m probably going to mainly use videos to provide a back story to everything, especially Arnold Winter’s interest in cartridge.



I’ve already made a few tweets towards the case’s progress. However, I’m still unable to make the Association’s own twitter yet so I’m using Layla’s for now. They can be found here. I haven’t made many tweets yet so they will be easy to follow.


Website Progress:

I’ve mostly taken to writing short stories about the characters as they progress through the case. They can be found here.¬†They’re all in chronological order and take place after this.


Away I go, to do more work.

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  1. Paul
    April 13, 2015 at 8:57 am

    For the secondary media, you’re supposed to use at least three different media. It shouldn’t be too difficult with the storyline you’re building – just think about how images, video, audio, design or the web can be used to complement your story.

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