It Feels Like Week 11 Is The Calm Before The Storm

I was a little put off with the fact that the professors recommended working in a group. I’m kicking it solo so I became a little skeptical of my skills by myself. But, I got everything done in time even with a job and other homework going on as well. Though, I can’t help but feel like it’ll get a lot worse in the coming weeks. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.


The Winter Association:

My lovely little cult of an agency is known as the above title. They’re bent on the destruction of everyone evil so that the world can reach Utopia. So, that includes Layla Arkwood and the Syndicate. I refrained from mentioning actual religious figures in my origin story and in the Association overall as not to anger anyone. Arnold Winter and his council members are very unique characters and I can’t wait to expand upon them further. The website can be found here along with their about section, portfolio etc. They also have a very warm greeting for everyone here.



A banner for the Winter Association

A story featuring one of the other main characters in my universe

Arnold Winter’s pinterest page

The Winter Association’s Origins


Daily Creates:

Noddy In Paris and Maggie Black’s B-Day



Kill or Be Killed

Sarah Mustard

Michael Bretton

Second Star To The Right

A Whale of a Time

Cheyanne McKinney

Collections of the Curious

Delia Daily

Digital Mustard

Gyeore Lee


This time I didn’t just copy and paste the comment links. I’m getting fancy I know.


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