Dead Silence: A Review

After listening to the epic Dead Silence, I was proud of my fellow DS106ers and what they created. It had a plot that twisted and turned and it was full of many noir elements that we learned this semester. The plot began as a simple heist but was instead full of love, revenge and jealously. I loved how they made it start out so simply and then brought out many plot twists. I particularly enjoyed the sound effects they used. Especially with Shadow’s voice, many of these sound effects created a nice air of mystery and eeriness akin to many noir films and shows. While this wasn’t a big deal to me overall, I felt that they really only just spoke their lines. They didn’t really get into it and try to be their characters. Though, that isn’t much of a problem because a lot of us in DS106 (including myself) aren’t professional voice actors so there will be that barrier between us and our characters when we speak as them. Regardless, the radio show was done well and it all came together beautifully. They did a wonderful job.

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