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Inspire: Noir/Pulp Book Cover

I really enjoyed Brian’s cover. It was put together really well and I’m kind of jealous of how amazing everything came out. Whenever I do design assignments they’re always a pain because I know I’m terrible at them. However, Brian is really good at it. He put many different elements together to create this cover and I really love how… Read more →

NoirTalk’s Progress

My group includes Mariah Young, Jonathan Polson and myself. So far, we’ve brainstormed excellent ideas for our radio show, settling on a conference between our characters. Masked as an interview by Mariah’s political character, my character and Jonathan’s are held against our will for a reason only known by Mariah’s. We’re still working out the kinks but that is our… Read more →

Copyrighting and All That Comes With It

A lot of things go into copyrighting. It’s so much that I don’t really understand it all. However, what I do understand is that there is mostly copyrighting, kind of copyrighting, and free to the public copyrighting. As such, copyrighting can be circumstantial with parodies disrupting those concrete laws. Copyrighting has struggled to find a proper balance between the owner… Read more →