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Design Blitz

I had previously enjoyed the noir photo shoot that we needed to do for the visual aspect of storytelling so when I saw this assignment I got excited. In all honestly, I had to reread the descriptions for the specific categories that we needed because it just wasn’t sinking in. I understood color and typography and stuff like that but… Read more →

Noir is Pretty Dark

The two noir films, Killer’s Kiss and He Walked By Night are two examples of noir films. Noir uses a distinctive lighting style that creates a specific atmosphere. This atmosphere is mostly one of suspicion or suspense, bringing attention to a specific person or event in the film. For example, in Killer’s Kiss this type of lighting is used for a character’s first… Read more →

Photography and Me

I have always had a feel for photography. I loved capturing a moment and seeing what that moment tells, what that moment feels like. I don’t know where this interest came from but I love it. I’ve never actually pursued this interest until I hit college. I’ve gone as far as buying a $300 camera and have joined the Battlefield… Read more →

Layla Arkwood

As a writer, I couldn’t resist introducing my character through a story. What can I say? Writers gotta write. She is the Jessica Rabbit of the mob scene. As the daughter of one of the United States’ most notorious crime lords, Layla knows she’s powerful. No one speaks to her father without going through her and she is never easily persuaded.… Read more →

Further Noir Reviews

Now that I have a better concept of noir, the stories that I just recently read show several examples of the style.   The Postman Always Rings Twice: From the beginning, the novel has a quick witted, headstrong protagonist named Frank Chambers. He is a drifter who can’t stay in one place without getting antsy. Those qualities already show that… Read more →

On The Subject of Noir

Noir is more of a style than a genre. It’s not entirely its own but not entirely something else either. It brings together much darker themes, lighting and characters to portray something all together unique. Usually filled with cynicism, pessimism or casual dark comedy, noir is all its own, spawning an entire movement in a post war America. While having… Read more →


Hmm. Where should I start? My name’s Nelia-Sol White. I’m a freshman planning on majoring in communications though if that doesn’t work out I’m going to major in English with a creative writing concentration. I love designing things, placing things in certain ways, coming up with ideas and helping people with their problems. I feel like I’m doing a mix… Read more →