Category: DS 106 Assignments

The Interview

Just a quick note, I manually recorded each professor’s questions onto audacity and then cut them together after each response I would give. Then, I recorded myself “speaking” over Layla’s lines and overlapped that with the audio I created. So. Much. Work.   I have become…wary of interviews. The last didn’t really pan out but I decided to give it… Read more →

Radio Progress 2

Tuesday, my group and I met at the convergence center to finalize some details and to hash out a script for our show. We got along well and we were able to get a lot of work done while still having fun. We created a skeleton script that we recorded off of and added some sound effects to it. I… Read more →

Noir Talk Logo

  With Jonathan having already done a sticker, I thought to add my own logo to the mix. I already had the idea of pasting the words NOIR TALK onto a background but I didn’t know what. So, I thought back to a word cloud assignment I did for my noir character and chose to use that as the background.… Read more →