Category: Visual

The Winter Association: Lookalikes

I thought it would be a good visual assignment to show what each member of The Association looks like. Since, unlike many of my ds106ers, I’ve created entirely new characters, I thought this would be perfect. I’ve been writing about them but I’ve never actually shown what they look like. So, I’m going to present them as celebrities who closely match… Read more →

Collab: Layla and Damon’s Warning Poster

This assignment required you to create a warning poster for anything. I decided to use this as a collaboration between Jonathan Polson’s noir character and my own. It is a slight continuation of my group’s radio show which can be found here. It ended with Damon and Layla escaping from Bev’s “interview”. This poster is a result of that encounter… Read more →

Noir In Photos

Given that I already had an obsession with photography, I had a blast taking these photos. The demands were so unique yet incredibly simple. They showed beautiful things in the most straightforward way. That’s why I love noir.   Lighting from one side Unusual camera angle Drama or moodiness Distinct Shadow Nightscape Read more →

Layla Arkwood’s Word Cloud

  All these words have meaning to my noir character, Layla. Most of these go through her mind throughout the day, sometimes plaguing her until she does something about it. The color scheme represents her favorite color, red, and the font symbolizes her elegance and sophistication that normally follows her around. As such, this word bubble gives insight into the… Read more →