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The Winter Association: Lookalikes

I thought it would be a good visual assignment to show what each member of The Association looks like. Since, unlike many of my ds106ers, I’ve created entirely new characters, I thought this would be perfect. I’ve been writing about them but I’ve never actually shown what they look like. So, I’m going to present them as celebrities who closely match… Read more →

The Interview

Just a quick note, I manually recorded each professor’s questions onto audacity and then cut them together after each response I would give. Then, I recorded myself “speaking” over Layla’s lines and overlapped that with the audio I created. So. Much. Work.   I have become…wary of interviews. The last didn’t really pan out but I decided to give it… Read more →

Fire and Ice

I chose to do the Narrative Ambiance and incorporate it with Layla. The poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost goes very well with Layla (alarmingly so) and I thought that it would be perfect for her. I tried to speak in the way she would, you know like husky and low toned but I suck. Anyway, since we are… Read more →