The Winter Association: Lookalikes

I thought it would be a good visual assignment to show what each member of The Association looks like. Since, unlike many of my ds106ers, I’ve created entirely new characters, I thought this would be perfect. I’ve been writing about them but I’ve never actually shown what they look like. So, I’m going to present them as celebrities who closely match what they look like. Their profiles are taken from the above link. I may have had too much fun with this.



Arnold Winter:

Our founder and leader, our charismatic mentor.

He has shown us the light in a world of darkness.

He has been visited by a golden figure, stating that

The world can reach Utopia, that we can be brought

Up from our empirical fall.


The first disciple of our caring leader.

He was the first to join Arnold in

His quest towards perfection.

Radiant, intelligent and brilliant,

He is slated to be Arnold’s

Successor when Arnold’s time has come to pass.

He is the leader of the New Initiates.


The second to join The Association.

While seemingly holding the visage of

A Defiler, Sly, calculated Two was chosen

By the Golden Figure and we trust his

Judgement completely. He is the leader

Of Defiler Removal.


The next to assist Arnold in his venture.

Quiet, soft spoken Three is a creative

Mind that holds no limits when it

Comes to ideas and projects. He is the

Leader of Creation and Marketing.


He and Five were the last to join

The Association. As opposed to co-leader,

Four is friendly, social and optimistic. He is

The one to go to when you have a problem.

He and Five are the leaders of Security

And Protection.


Joining at the same time as Four,

Five was quick to establish himself.

He speaks more with his actions than

 His words, choosing to remain in

The shadows than in the limelight

Like Four. Distant, reserved and

Pessimistic, Five, along with Four, is

the co-leader of Security and Protection

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  1. April 19, 2015 at 2:14 am

    WOW! I’m kinda of jealous of all these handsome guys all in your association! Can I join you guys!

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